About me

What do i create?

Here is a quick video showcasing some of my best work from the past years.
From Director to DP, i mostly work on music videos and corporate videos.

Who am i?

Hey, my name is Fred! Almost 10 years ago i started my filmmaking journey creating video games montages and uploading them to Youtube. I eventually started uploading tutorials debunking the effects used in my videos and fell in love with the process.

This is me going back to my roots.

I never felt like school was the right path for me to properly express myself and dropped out of Film School 3 years ago in hopes of making it work all by myself and guess what, it did. I moved to a bigger city, worked with numerous production companies, opened a studio and made a name for myself. All these experiences led to one realization: I wasn’t making videos because i loved making them. Videos were, for me, a medium i was using to help people chase their dreams wich i happen to be good at. From getting more clients, to even becoming successful, the difference i make in people’s lives with what i create is the real reason why i create.

This is the start of a new journey for me. This is me giving back to our community.

This is fredpelle.tv



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