Ezra Cohen x fredpelle

The past years have been all about implementing intricate textures in order to emulate truly nostalgic feeling visuals like Film or VHS for example. The problem, at least for me, was that justifying the cost / commitment in real world projects wasn’t always feasible. When I saw this new CRT trend popping up, I knew I wanted to experiment with it, but man I didn't know what I was getting myself into… 



First step was to build myself a CRT rig.

I started searching around for a CRT Monitor and quickly found one at a local thrift store. Picked it up, bought an RCA adapter from Amazon and waited for it to arrive. When the moment of truth finaly came, i was unfortunatly haunted by the no signal label right at the center of my TV. I figured it was probably just a menu setting that needed to be tweaked, but the TV's menu was locked and after alot of research, the only way i could get into the menu was with the OEM TV controller that originally came with the TV.

I jumped on Ebay, bought a proper controller and waited a whole month for it to arrive!

It still didn't work.

I then bought another TV to troubleshoot where the problem was coming from... After a bunch of tests, i found the "problem" : Instead of buying an HDMI2AV adapter, i had bought a AV2HDMI wich isn't reverse compatible...

I finally got my hands on a proper adapter and now everything was finally working!

Now was time to create!


I then went through the hassle of individually scanning more than 800 characters, reframing, color correcting and organizing everything so you don’t have to do it yourself, but it doesn’t stop there. In order to make CRT-Fonts as easy to use as possible, i extended all the characters to 10 seconds each meaning i had to re-export all of them in both 1080 and 4K variants. You’ve heard that right, I exported more than 2500 sequences out of AE just so that every detail was perfect.  

Once the product development was completed, it was now time to create all the promos. I had initially planned on creating 5 different variants, but that’s not exactly how it ended up working out. By the time I was done with the third promo variant, AE would crash whenever I'd open the project file leaving me unable to export what I spent hours creating. I tried fixing the problem for a whole week, but nothing worked. I had to make a decision... 

I needed a new computer.

While the brand new computer was being delivered to me, I couldn't work on the pack so I worked on the very website you are reading this from. I knew i could make it better, but i felt so limited that the only way i was going to improve it was by migrating to a whole different platform.

That’s what I did.


Redesigned my entire website using another platform, new computer came in, managed to export all the promo variants and now was finally the time to launch CRT-Fonts. But guess what..?

I couldn’t launch.  




When setting up advertisements, i found out that my facebook pixel was not going to work with the whole pipeline i had built. This was a critical problem. I needed to find a solution.

I went back to the first platform I was using. 


Thankfully, after hours of research, I found a page builder that would let me recreate the website I had just created.

I went ahead and recreated the entire website using the new platform!

Fast forward a couple days and I'm finally ready to release everything! (Actually ready this time ahah) My ads are scheduled to go live at midnight, but i post a pre-release link inside Ezra Cohen’s Tour Visuals Masterclass facebook group in order to get feedback before everything goes live.

Few hours before the ads go live, I get a DM from Ezra himself looking to collaborate with me on the release.

The rest is history...

I wanted to share this story with you guys because it is, to me, a vivid representation of hard work paying off. I’ve been a fan of Ezra’s work for the past year and to collaborate with him on my first ever release truly is an honor. Whether you go through a few TVs, 2 computers, 3 websites or even 2500 sequence exports, always remember that the work and dedication you're putting in will be rewarded sooner or later.